Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Okay so I still have not blogged about my amazing trip to Mexico but one of my friends suggested that I blog about this one event that occurred while I was there. (She said that it deserved its own post) anyways... one night while we were playing with the kids after church, me and morgan went and sat on this table and many kids followed, but a "God moment" happened in that moment. We are sitting there with kids in our laps and surrounding us on the ground but neither of us speak that great of spanish to be able to just start a conversation with anything of the kids so we just begin to sing. Once we started singing more kids started coming over and they were trying to sing with us but it painted this beautiful picture because I felt like in that moment when we were singing that we were just praying over all these kids and they were just taking it in.
So.. that is an example of a way that we really saw God on that trip. We saw him through all the kids which made us just want to praise the creator which then turned into prayer over everyone of the surrounding kids.
These are a few of the kids that were with us, along with Morgan, Kristen, and myself.

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